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Songs of Earth

Written by Margreth Olin, film director, Norway.

One year ago Songs Of Earth had its world premiere at CPH:DOX. The film is seen by 100 000 in Norwegian Cinemas, 45 000 in Denmark, it just broke records at its opening in the Netherlands. It is released in cinemas in Sweden, Poland. Next is Italiy, US, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Tsjekkia, Slovakia, Turkey, Indonesia and the list is growing. It aired on BBC, SWR/ARTE and more countries will follow in MAY.

I wanted to make a film that was

Local and global

Personal and generally valid

Timely and timeless

By focusing on beauty, the aliveness of nature, and our need to deeply connect with the land, by listening to earth herself, I hoped to portray that our roots are interwoven with the roots of all other life forms. It all comes from the same source. It is one breath.

Nature is our home.

I believe film and art can lit a flame that has to do with WHY we should take care of nature.  And also make it into a personal matter, why should we fight to protect it, it has to do with the most important and beautiful things in our lives. We must demand for the power to follow.

Climate and nature crisis are here, and we need diversity in the  stories told about these subjects, reflecting the scale of the challenges we are facing.

There is no better tool than images and sound combined, the language of cinema, to remind us why we are here, and suddenly we are not anymore.


Margreth Olin is a Norwegian film director, screenwriter, and film producer. She is educated at the University of Bergen and Volda University College. She is best known for her documentaries, in which she highlights the weak in society. She has received many national and international awards for her work.


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