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Climate Storytelling Essays

We believe filmmakers and storytellers are at the heart of transformative climate action. The stories we tell can be prisms through which we can understand the crises of our time and their solutions. These stories can lift us, heal us, open doors, shape imaginaries, activate hope and action. It is never a single story, but an evolving weave of multiple perspectives. To make a film is to render the climate crisis in a specific way. Who tells the story? What is seen and what is not seen is central.


According to a recent global survey published by Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford, documentary films are the primary means through which people inform themselves about climate change. Documentaries can reach large audiences and have an outsized effect on public perception. 


This collection of essays seeks to inspire, support, deepen, empower and develop the frontier of climate storytelling within independent film, podcast, emerging and interactive media. We are inviting scientists, philosophers, activists, practitioners, financiers, distributors, media representatives, filmmakers to contribute short essays around central ideas they think are particularly relevant for storytellers addressing the intertwined challenges of our time. 

Reach out if you would like to publish an essay. 

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